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LM Vertical Grinding Mills

LM Vertical Grinding Mills

LM vertical grinding mills is my company through absorbing the international advanced production technology, the device can be used for the material between 38 to 55 mm in size and scope of production, production capacity is relatively high, per hour can reach 10 to 50 tons, so the scope is very wide, can be used for the production of cement, mineral metallurgy industry needs, feldspar, calcite cement, copper ore, quartz etc.

LM Vertical Grinding Mills Working Principle

LM vertical mill grinding principle of 2-4 grinding roller presses on the disc material, the material in the mill is mainly due to the rolling action of grinding roller and grinding. In under the action of centrifugal from the disc center, effect of feeding material due to the centrifugal force of the rotary disc, disc mill roller to move into the surrounding between roller and disc. The mill is designed with hydraulic device, so the grinding roller pressure roller can adjust the thickness of the material layer, to improve the final product material uniformity. Powder material will have a powder selection process in the mill, hot air from the millstone around high speed up to, the coarse particles blow back disc re grinding, drying and suspension of material, material moisture content is less than 1%.

LM Vertical Grinding Mills Main Advantage

Investment and operation cost is low

LM vertical roller mill drying, grinding, crushing set classification in one, compact layout, used in the production of land is relatively small; and the equipment used to direct rolling roller grinding material in the mill on the mode of production, energy consumption is low, the production capacity has improved a lot; in addition to the equipment used material quality, greatly improve the wear resistance of the equipment;

Equipment operation and maintenance more convenient and more environmentally friendly

The whole equipment sealing and work under pressure, will not make the dust generated, and produced a small vibration, effectively reduce the noise; equipment can realize the remote control, operation and maintenance are more convenient;

The quality of the finished production equipment is relatively high

The material in the mill to stay within a relatively short time, particle size and chemical composition can effectively control the product, and ensure the quality of the products; the advanced system and the equipment can effectively destroy the shock and severe vibration, great guarantee the stability of product quality.